LED Lighting system for tunnels, pedestrian underpass, billboards, and architectural illumination. Luminaire offers uniform lighting for large surfaces at an extremely low power consumption rate. This is our in-house design in cooperation with a team of highly specialized engineers. Luminaire’s low power consumption allows for many off grid use cases. Further details regarding Luminaire are available on

Photovoltalic’s farm - M.P.S. evaluated the economics of a photovoltaic farm with the support of Canadian government incentives. This analysis was used to conduct an initial appraisal for a photovoltaic farm in the EU.

Canola Oil Trade – M.P.S. was hired to research the main players within the global canola oil trade. Specifically, our research was focused on analyzing the factors that contributed to the price and availability of canola oil within local and global markets.

Biodiesel Production – M.P.S.’s research team was hired to conduct an analysis of the economics involved in developing, scaling, and operating a biodiesel production facility.

Billboard print production on fully recyclable material – M.P.S. focused on providing the highest level of billboard printing services. We focused on potential innovations within the paper mill industry that could improve the quality and sustainability of billboard prints. A fully recyclable material intended for billboard prints was introduced under the name “ECOPLAKAT”. This product was successfully implemented in the EU.

Outdoor Advertising - In the late 1990s, we designed and implemented an outdoor advertising operation into the Polish market. The project is our biggest success story because we were able to provide effective and prompt market research to our client in a rapidly evolving market.

Wind Energy – M.P.S. researched and evaluated the economics of wind turbine farms. A detailed financial model was provided to our client. This model included an analysis of wind speeds which helped identify the most optimal wind farm locations.

Utilization of Used Tires – M.P.S. researched and developed technologies that were best suited for utilizing rubber from used tires. Our solutions helped improve the environment in many ways, such as the use of shredded rubber technology in highway construction that significantly reduces noise levels produced by road traffic.

Fly Ash Utilization – The M.P.S. engineering team designed a prototype product that was intended to be used for the transportation of fly ash. This system used a chemical reaction to stabilize ash particles that reduced air pollution from coal plants.

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